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The power for you to RAPIDLY remove your negative blocks AND the power for you to RAPIDLY manifest your true heart's desires & life goals is waiting for you in your focus right now!

Struggle, Stress or True Success: Neuroscience of The New Frontier of Focus

This short video explains why most people are held back and struggle with stress, overwhelm & negative emotions and how a new frontier of focus is profoundly changing things for people that know how to use their focus in the best way. *Special thanx to The HeartMath Institute & Rolilin McCraty Ph.D.!


Did You know?

You can achieve greater positive neurological & biochemical shifts and deeper subconscious emotional freedom with the heart/brain focus of the Inner Focus Master Key than you can with many other personal development paths or meditation techniques?

AND much, much faster!


Did You know?

People with the right focus and a higher degree of emotional intelligence MAKE MORE MONEY- an average of $29,000 MORE PER YEAR than people with scattered focus and a lower degree of emotional intelligence.


Did You know?

If you haven't learned meditation yet or find meditation difficult, boring or over spiritualized the heart/brain Inner Focus Master Key is simple to learn, totally tailored to you AND more effective in less time than most meditation or focus techniques.


Did You know?

If you do have a regular meditation practice integrating the heart/brain Inner Focus Master Key can very deeply accelerate & improve your results.

How Can Focused U Help You Rapidly Manifest Your Desires and Master Your Life?

Master Focus Coach & Creator of Focused U, Sadhu, shares how Focused U will help you find your focus to rapidly remove your deepest blocks or negative emotional drain AND rapidly manifest your true heart's desires & life goals.

“Working with Sadhu helped me find a focus that led me to greater depth, understanding and appreciation of my life and purpose. It often takes a gentle, but powerful guide to get us where we need to be. He is that guide.”

- Amy Zakarin, Zakarin Martinez Public Relations Miami USA

“I can unequivocally say that my life is brighter from having Sadhu as a confidant. He is holding a lantern, illuminating the path of self realization & discovery for all who wish to walk it.”

- John Parsiani, Vice President of Bussiness Development, E-Team Cervera Real Estate Miami USA

"Coaching from Sadhu was pivotal in streamlining what I should be focusing my time, energy, resources and heart on in order to feel the most fulfilled. His coaching helped me joyfully focus on the actions & activities that are most in line with my personal values, which we uncovered & clarified. Highly recommended!"

- Shannon, Attorney & On-Line Content Creator


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My Story of Finding the Inner Focus Master Key

In this short video hear how I finally overcame my deepest lifelong negative block and found the Inner Focus Master Key that did it and that helps all my clients & course attendants rapidly transform their lives.

Hear My Client's Rapid Results Clearing Stress from Using The Inner Focus Master Key

Hear in her own words how Carolina, a full time professional and single mother, rapidly & dramatically cleared stress & struggle from her life in only two weeks of personal focus coaching and learning the Inner Focus Master Key.

The New Paradigm of Inner Focus Mastery

This video shares more of the profound neuroscience and exciting paradigm shattering details of the inner focus master technique featured in Focused U. *Special thanx to The HeartMath Institute & Gregg Braden!


Focus neuroscience research shows that:

1 month of study participants sustaining the same focus as the Inner Focus Master Key for 5-15 mins per day increased their DHEA (vitality hormones) levels by 100% and decreased cortisol (stress hormone) levels by 23%

*DHEA (diminished greatly by daily stress & negative emotions) is a naturally occurring hormone in the body responsible for slowing the aging process, improving physical performance, enhancing libido (sex drive), promoting weight loss and boosting immune system

Results from regular application of the Inner Focus Master Key rapidly increases emotional intelligence because positive changes in feeling and perception occur when certain heart rhythms are sustained from the same focus as the Inner Focus Master Key- cells in the amygdala (part of the brain responsible for assigning emotional significance to everything we hear, smell, touch & see) exhibits electrical activity directly synchronized to the heartbeat

The Inner Focus Master Key triggers over 1,300 positive bio-chemical reactions in the body that last up to 6 hours