Heart Focus Empowerment

Quantum Leap Your Creative Potential, Emotional Intelligence and How You Manifest with The New Paradigm of Heart Intelligence


Did You know?

You can achieve greater emotional freedom with heart focus than you can with many other personal development paths or meditation techniques?

AND much, much faster!


Did You know?

People with a higher degree of emotional intelligence MAKE MORE MONEY- an average of $29,000 MORE PER YEAR than people with a lower degree of emotional intelligence.


Did You know?

If you haven't learned meditation yet or find meditation difficult, boring or over spiritualized ...heart focus is simple to learn, totally tailored to you AND more effective in less time than most meditation or focus techniques.


Did You know?

If you do have a regular meditation practice integrating heart focus can very deeply accelerate & improve your results.

How would your life improve and impact the people you love the most if you could:

  • rapidly transform your limiting negative patterns
  • consistently feel better physically & more clear mentally everyday
  • increase your emotional intelligence within yourself and in all your relationships
  • manifest more of what you really want with less stress & struggle

Here's Exactly What We'll Cover During Your 60-75 Min Heart Focus Empowerment Session with Sadhu:

  • Clarify Your Ideal Personal, Professional & Spiritual Life Goals & Life Vision
  • Identify Your Core Heart Desires That will Inspire You to Stay Focused & Move Towards What Matters Most in Your Life
  • Access The Power Within Your Own Focus to Clear Hidden Blocks or Blindspots That Sabotage Your Success & Abilities of Manifestation
  • See Your Clear Next Steps to More Consistent Clarity, Power & Purpose in Your Life
  • Walk Away With One of The Most Powerful Inner Focus Tools You Might Ever Learn or Use

AND You'll Receive Your Own Personal Audio Recording of Your Session

"I am extremely excited about the possibilities for me..."

"...it's his ability to listen and reflect back on a very high conscious awareness of what my needs are and how I can achieve my life's map, direction, goals and aspirations."

"I could'nt be happier with this partnership; a life coach who has passion, commitment and experience. What more could you ask for?"

-Andy R, Arabel Fine Silk & Linen, Miami USA

Hear Carolina's Rapid Results Using Heart Focus

Hear in her own words how Carolina, a full time professional and single mother, rapidly & dramatically cleared stress from her life and turned everything around for herself in only two weeks of learning and using the same heart focus you'll learn in your empowerment..

“Working with Sadhu helped me find a focus that led me to greater depth, understanding and appreciation of my life and purpose. It often takes a gentle, but powerful guide to get us where we need to be. He is that guide.”

- Amy Zakarin, Zakarin Martinez Public Relations

“Sadhu's guided meditation session played an important role in the education & inspiration of the more than 100 women present. Thank you for providing our guests with an incredible experience of connection & focus at our Go Red for Women Event.”

- Executive Event Director, The American Heart Association

Explore the neuroscience of the heart focus you'll learn in your personalized empowerment.

*See videos below.

Exciting Neuroscience of The New Paradigm of Heart Intelligence- Part 1

This short video explains why so many people struggle with stress, overwhelm & negative emotions and how a new frontier of focus is profoundly creating a new reality for people that learn how to heal & excel their emotional intelligence with the power of their heart. *Special thanx to The HeartMath Institute & Rolilin McCraty Ph.D.!

Exciting Neuroscience of The New Paradigm of Heart Intelligence- Part 2

This video shares more of the profound neuroscience and exciting paradigm shattering details and benefits of what you'll be learning how to do. *Special thanx to The HeartMath Institute & Gregg Braden!

Your Focused U Heart Intelligence Guide

Sadhu Khalsa -Focused U Creator
Sadhu Khalsa -Focused U Creator

Hello, Sadhu here, Creator of Focused U & Lead Heart Intelligence Ambassador.

I'm on a mission to inspire humanity to know the power of our heart!

The most successful people and leading organizations of the future will be masters of emotional intelligence and masters of the intelligence of knowing how to focus, create & work smarter, NOT harder, to have the life and results they deeply desire the most. The one greatest skill or paradigm that reveals & refines any and ALL of the skills or paradigms required for true fulfillment & success, of any individual or any organization, is the new paradigm of Heart Intelligence.

If there is one thing that virtually guarantees a quantum leap of day to day life experience and greater results on every level for any one person or group, big or small, it is Heart Intelligence.

I want you and as many people as possible to not only know what "heart intelligence" is ...I want you to know how to use it to transform your life as deeply and as quickly as you can because I KNOW you can!

I help inspired people & organizations rapidly quantum leap their creative potential, EQ and all-level life results through the new paradigm of Heart Intelligence.

With over 20 years of public teaching and private coaching experience I've been guiding people from all over the world from entertainment celebrities, high level wealth management executives, professionals, artists, athletes, students to busy parents.

My MAIN focus and quest in life is to help you and as many people as possible know the power of your heart so you can rapidly clear your limitations, harness your greatest strengths and manifest the life of your dreams on every level with minimal stress, struggle and time drain.

I know you can have an amazing, fulfilled & successful life on every level if you choose to!

When someone is ready to commit to finding the focus required for them to have the life they choose we'll journey through the empowering path of asking the right questions, build on the power of consistent creative focus and follow through with simple, intentional action. Ultimately, I help people integrate their greatest strengths and their dreams into a grounded, practical and sustainable daily life reality for both immediate impact and long lasting results over their lifetime.

My passion and mission in life is inspiring as many as people as possible with "Heart Intelligence Mastery" and I founded the Focused U courses & groups so I could help more people than just my one-on-one clients and as a movement of education, connection & support for truly inspired living. Evolving from my own 20 years plus of deep self exploration and extensive research of personal development with world class institutions & human potential leaders around the world, the Focused U courses, coaching programs and communities of inspired people & organizations is growing & thriving more everyday in every way.

I've had the joy to introduce inner focus to special needs inner city children, public elementary school students & faculty and I've guided corporate meditation & wellness programs with The American Heart Association, Canyon Ranch and Merrill Lynch. I was featured in a prime time PBS special about a group pilgrimage I led to the largest human gathering on Earth, India's Khumba Mela, and I was a returning guest speaker for FOX TV’s Health Watch.

I've traveled internationally and as far as remote mountain monasteries of Tibet to learn in person with meditation masters and spiritual leaders around the world such as the Creator of Mindfulness Meditation, John Kabit-Zinn, Deepak Chopra, Mooji and The Dalai Lama.

I live in the amazing Pacific Northwest with my incredible wife and our two awesome young boys.

I want you to fly and I want you to fly high and fast! It will require committed, consistent focus on your part, yes. But it will also be the greatest focus you'll ever find because you feeling your best and giving your best to the world are so worth it!

All Best In All Ways,


“I can unequivocally say that my life is brighter from having Sadhu as a confidant. He is holding a lantern, illuminating the path of self realization & discovery for all who wish to walk it.”

- John Parsiani, Vice President of Business Development, E-Team at Cervera Real Estate

"Coaching from Sadhu was pivotal in streamlining what I should be focusing my time, energy, resources and heart on in order to feel the most fulfilled. His coaching helped me joyfully focus on the actions & activities that are most in line with my personal values, which we uncovered & clarified. Highly recommended!"

- Shannon, Attorney & On-Line Content Creator